Solar Energy Conversion

Thermal management technology from Aavid can be found in solar applications around the world, helping to maximize the efficiency of solar energy conversion.

Improved solar-driven energy conversion systems have been an Aavid focus for over 40 years.

Our contributions to thermal technology for solar energy conversion include:
•Heat pipe-augmented glass tube collectors for hot water heating

•Heat pipe-augmented parabolic concentrator/steam generator systems

•High temperature heat pipe solar receivers for Stirling engines used in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) systems

•Dissipating heat from solar cells in photovoltaic (PV) systems

•Thermal heat exchange/thermal storage systems

In all cases these systems were made more efficient through advanced heat pipe technology from Aavid.

Our thermal solutions help create reliable, economically viable renewable energy options for residential and commercial demand. Two-phase heat transfer technologies, such as heat pipes, and single-phase pumped liquid cooling systems are proven approaches for solar energy conversion system thermal management.

Aavid's high-temperature heat pipe solutions for CSP receivers, used in Stirling engine-driven energy conversion systems, eliminate non-uniform heat fluxes and associated hot spots where two mirrors overlap.

Aavid heat pipe and liquid cooling technologies can be used to remove waste heat from solar cells in PV energy conversion systems. Advanced thermal management techniques enable lower solar cell temperatures and improve PV conversion efficiencies.

Our work with the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory has discovered new ways to improve passive rooftop solar heating systems, using loop heat pipe technology to more efficiently transfer heat energy from rooftop collectors to ground storage tanks, replacing energy-consuming pumps and pump controls with a passive transfer system.