Satellite Thermal Control

Dissipating heat reliably and quickly for satellite thermal control is a challenge.

Space electronics are steadily becoming more compact, complex, and powerful. Increased packaging densities are also limiting the volume available for thermal management systems. Performance, flexibility, and versatility of thermal management systems must improve to meet the growing challenge. Due to the nature of space applications, thermal management solutions must require zero maintenance.

Proven heat pipe and solid conduction technologies developed by Thermacore, now part of Aavid, meet these challenges and push the boundaries further for more cutting edge applications. Aavid provides a wide range of advanced solid conduction, heat pipe, and loop heat pipe technologies to meet the need for high performance, system efficiency, and low mass. And with no moving parts to fail, Aavid solutions provide high reliability and no maintenance.

Versatile Satellite Solutions

Aavid's custom advanced solid conduction k-Core® products can form the backbone of a thermal bus or radiator solution. In both applications, heat pipes can be integrated for enhanced performance. Additionally, our satellite heat pipes can be embedded in a structural honeycomb panel.

Satellite thermal control choices include:
•Advanced solid conduction k-Core® products, an excellent backbone for both doubler and radiator assemblies

•Constant conductance heat pipes

•Variable conductance heat pipes

Copper-water heat pipes qualified for spacecraft applications such as those incorporated into the Navy’s Windcat Microwave Radiometer Satellite

•Custom heat pipes utilizing alternative metal alloys and working fluids for unique applications, such as titanium or ammonia

Loop heat pipes, ideal for heat rejection radiator panels that are deployed when entering orbit. Aavid’s loop heat pipe technology can transport and reject heat loads of more than 2,000 W

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