Radar, Sensor & Surveillance Electronics Cooling

Ensure the reliable, high-performance operation of radar, sensor, and surveillance electronics such as Transmit/Receive modules, RF components, and power supplies with Aavid’s advanced cooling technologies.

Specialized thermal solutions, capable of delivering high-performance cooling of concentrated thermal loads, are critical for ensuring reliable performance from the sensitive electronics found in a phased-array radar. Aavid's thermal management solutions, including liquid and two phase cooling systems, minimize device-to-device temperature variation to improve system performance.

Aavid's high-performance and lightweight cooling solutions are capable of transferring high heat loads and high heat fluxes with a minimal ∆T. Depending on the device power level and thermal performance requirements, Aavid offers a range of options to meet your needs. Solutions include:
•Advanced solid conduction spreaders to maximize the thermal performance vs mass tradeoff

•Embedded heat pipe assemblies to effectively move the concentrated thermal loads of electronics devices to cooled surfaces for dissipation

•Vapor chamber assemblies to maximize performance for a given value

•Liquid cold plates for optimized cooling of high heat loads

•Advanced fin heat sink assemblies for more compact, high performance cooling

These products deliver high-performance thermal solutions for military and civilian aerospace/avionics radar systems and advanced radar, sensor, and surveillance electronics. Aavid's technologies are proven to ensure reliable radar systems operations in harsh environments such as high altitude, shock and vibration, or extreme temperature and humidity.

In applications requiring indirect cooling of less powerful electronics, Aavid’s standard and custom product line of enclosure heat exchangers can provide system level electronics cooling and allow the radar electronics to be isolated from harsh environments such as humidity, dust/dirt, sand and water.