Complete Thermal Solutions for Power Electronics

For effective heat transfer and cooling for high-performance electronics, especially in enclosures and harsh environments, the small size and reliability of Aavid thermal solutions enable improved design flexibility and better performance in rugged applications.

Power Control Systems

System reliability and maintenance-free operation are often driving factors in selecting a cooling approach. Heat pipe thermal solutions, with their high performance-to-heat sink volume ratio, light weight, and proven reliability, are ideal for cooling the power semiconductors that have revolutionized the control of motors in industrial applications.

Aavid's passive semiconductor cooling technologies are proven to protect and prolong the life of ultra-precise power semiconductors such as Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBTs), Symmetric Gate Commutated Turn-Off Thyristor (SGCT), Silicon Controlled Rectifiers (SCRs), Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) and Thyristers. These devices, directly attached to the thermal management solution, often operate under harsh conditions such as applications including petroleum and chemical plants, mining, metal fabrication, paper mills, cement operations, water/wastewater facilities and electric power generation facilities.

Transportation and Traction

Aavid's power semiconductor thermal management solutions are proven to stand up to the harshest of environmental requirements.

Thermacore's electrically isolated heat pipe heat sink assemblies have been cooling the wheelset power electronics in electric locomotive applications for decades. Whether the solution is designed for a main line locomotive or a mass transit application, such as subways or light rails, the thermal system must be reliable to stand up to vibration, climate extremes, and physical wear and tear.

Aavid also offers automotive system heat management solutions, including specialized solutions for the EV/AV markets.

Power Supply

Highly efficient, cost-effective thermal control solutions, such as heat pipes or liquid cooling, are essential to the operation of uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems in today's precise manufacturing environments. Aavid thermal solutions enable design flexibility and higher reliability for cooling these systems by utilizing advanced heat sink assemblies and integrated passive and active cooling technologies.