LED Cooling

Reliable, lightweight and low-cost thermal management for LEDs (light emitting diodes) is becoming increasingly important, as LEDs are becoming the technology of choice for many applications. These include automotive headlights and taillights, public information displays, traffic control, advertising and flat panel display technology for consumer electronics.

Aavid offers a range of LED heat sinks with standard hole patterns for a wide range of light engines and LEDs that can be used separately or with Aavid SynJets®. Custom hole patterns, extruded heat sinks, and die cast thermal solutions for larger projects are also available.

Additionally, heat pipe technology from Aavid is helping LED manufacturers protect these sensitive electronic devices and ensure the kind of performance that sets LED technology apart from standard lighting systems. The compact size and nearly maintenance-free operation of heat pipe technology gives designers extra flexibility in creating LED-based products for consumer, government and military applications.