High-Temperature Thermal Management

For efficient high-temperature (300°C to 2,000°C) heat dissipation, thermal spreading, high-heat flux cooling and other high-temperature heat management challenges, Aavid high-temperature heat pipes are the thermal solution of choice.

Aavid's high-temperature heat pipes are used in applications ranging from the ocean floor to lunar surfaces. High temperature heat pipe technology satisfies demanding requirements in aerospace, chemical processing, annealing, furnace liner isothermality, semiconductor material crystal growth, oil-shale extraction and a wide range of high-tech electronics, heat dissipation and heat uniformity applications.

Aavid high-temperature heat pipes enable:
•High power heat transfer capabilities (>25kW)
•High-heat flux cooling capability (>100 kW/cm2)
•High-precision temperature control and rapid temperature recovery
•Isothermality (i.e. equal or constant temperatures) at high temperatures
•Uniform material crystal growth
•Thermal-to-electric energy conversion energy savings

High-Technology Uses

Today’s cutting-edge technologies need high-temperature heat pipes to deliver the performance their applications require. These include:
•Commercial products — temperature and thermocouple calibration furnaces; isothermality for semiconductor crystal growth furnaces
•Vapor deposition processes
•Black body radiators
•Diffusion furnaces
•Annealing furnaces
•Temperature calibration
•Thermophysical property characterization
•Materials processing

Technology and Development:
•Thermionic converters
•Alkali Metal Thermal-to-Electric Converters (AMTEC)
•Stirling engines interfaces for concentrated solar receivers
•Thermal storage
•Engine components
•Aerospace and rocket nozzles
•High temperature space radiators
•Magnetoplasmadynamic (MPD) thrusters
•Isotope separation
•Fusion power