Extruded Heat Sinks

Extruded aluminum is one of the most popular and cost efficient heat sink fabrication methods. Aavid maintains the world’s largest portfolio of extruded heat sink profiles with over 5,000 tooled shapes.

Aavid extruded heat sink profiles range from simple flat back fin structures to complex geometries for optimized cooling and can be used for natural or forced convection with the use of a fan. Profiles also include a number of specialized geometries and groove patterns for use with the Aavid Max Clip System™. When these extrusions are paired with Aavid Max Clips to improve thermal performance while saving time and money on mounting and assembly. Additionally, Aavid aluminum extrusions utilize the alloys 6063 and 6061 for improved thermal conductivity. To further optimize your heat sink’s performance heat pipes can be machined into the base.

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Extruded Heat Sink Options

Extrusions can be purchased in a variety of forms:

Machined / Build to Print:
-Cut and Machined to Customer Specifications
-Priced per Piece
-Customer-specified Finish
Cut to Length:
-Length defined by Customer
-Cut to length is +/- 0.015”; tighter tolerances available, please specify
-Priced per Piece
-Customer-specified Finish
Raw and Half Bar:
-Bar at Factory Length (typically 8 ft) or Half (typically 4 ft)
-Priced per Foot
-Available in Unfinished only


Additional Fabrication capabilities available:

-Cutting (Sawing)
-Deburring (Automated)
-Drilling (CNC)
-Machining (EDM)
-Epoxy Bonding
-Stamping (High Speed)
-Epoxy Isolation
-Fly Cutting
-Milling (CNC)

Finishing Options

Finishing options include:

-Caustic Etched
-Silk Screened
-Chromated (RoHS Compliant)
-Combine any Aavid extruded heat sink with an Aavid thermal interface material and fan for a full, reliable cooling solution.