Graphite Technologies

Aavid’s patented k-Core® technology utilizes encapsulated graphite that enables high performance cooling for aerospace, military, and commercial applications. Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite is inserted within an encapsulating structure that can be fabricated with a number of thermally conductive materials such as aluminum or copper alloys, ceramics, or composites depending on application requirements. This results in a light weight, highly conductive heat spreader that allows engineers to tailor the coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE) as needed. Due to its flexibility in materials and construction, k-Core® technology can easily replace traditional solid metal conductors or heat spreaders to substantially improve heat transfer and cooling.

Because of its low mass, k-Core® technology is used in aerospace satellites, avionics, and military aircraft such as the F-35, F-22 and F-16 fighter planes. k-Core® Technology thermal management products also cool high power density electronic packaging, power electronics and other applications requiring high-performance heat transfer.

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The k-Core Product Line

•Patented encapsulated Annealed Pyrolytic Graphite technology that has three times the conductivity of copper with the mass of aluminum

•Annealed Pyroloytic Graphite provides a high conduction path

•Encapsulant sets the CTE and structural properties

•Encapsulant material is selected to satisfy requirements

•Drop-in replacement for conventional conduction solutions