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Technology Spotlight

Ultra-Thin Vapor Chambers

Read more about Boyd’s innovative Ultra-Thin Vapor Chamber Solutions.


Technical Paper

Ultra-Thin Titanium Vapor Chambers Paper

Read More about two-phase technologies and how advancements in vapor chambers, specifically the development of Ultra-Thin Titanium Vapor Chambers, are enabling the next generations of mobile and wearable devices.


Mobile Electronics

Mobile Electronics

Reduce the display temperature on your mobile electronics for cooler device temperature. Learn more about Boyd's ultra-thin, titanium vapor solutions.


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Boyd Corporation is a global pioneer in engineered materials and thermal management solutions that enable our customers’ current and future technologies to change the world. We make space exploration safer and more attainable, medical care more accurate and accessible, electronics smarter and better connected. Developing solutions that move technology forward by making your products faster, safer, lighter, more reliable, and longer lasting. From self-driving cars to remote medical diagnostics, hyperscale computing to scalable power conversion of renewable sources, as our customers redefine their industries – integrated solutions from Boyd make the future possible.