Product Description

SOLIMIDE® HT-340 polyimide foam is used in commercial and industrial markets as a lightweight, non-flammable, thermal and acoustic foam insulation. It is also used in the aerospace market where there is a necessity for higher temperature resistance. HT-340 is formaldehyde-free and demonstrates excellent long term stability under humid conditions and after temperature cycling. High temperature pipes and ducts, ovens and night storage heaters are examples of applications that use SOLIMIDE® HT-340 as a thermal and acoustic foam insulation. A variety of shapes and sizes are available; facings or coatings are easily applied to meet end user requirements.

Specifications / Certificates

  • • UL 94 V-0
  • • NFPA 130, US FRA and FTA (Docket 90-A)
  • • Fire-restricting materials per the International Maritime Organization (IMO) high speed craft code in accordance with the IMO Resolution MSC.40(64)
  • • ASTM C 1482
  • • Boeing BMS 8-300
  • • SOLIMIDE® Foams may meet additional specifications that are not listed here. Please contact us to determine if it meets your specifications or other requirements.

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Density  lb/ft3 (kg/m3) 0.40 (6.4)  ASTM D3574 Test A,
IOS 845
FAA Radiant Panel
FAR 25.856(a)
Flam Spread Index   <5 ASTM E84
Smoke Developed Index   <10 ASTM E84
Limiting Oxygen Index % >40 ASTM D2863, ISO
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC), 1
in (25mm)

0.7 ASTM C423 and E795,
Mounting A
Max Continuous Use Temperature °F (°C) 575 (300)  
Thermal Conductivity at 75°F (24°C) BTU-in/hr-ft2-°F
0.32 (0.046) ASTM C518


  • -  Railcars
  • -  HVAC and solar systems
  • -  Firefighter clothing
  • -  High temperature ducts, tubes and gaskets
  • -  LNG pipelines