Product Description

SOLIMIDE® AC-550H polyimide foam is used in aircraft and aerospace markets as a lightweight, non-wicking thermal and acoustic foam insulation material where fire resistance, non-toxic properties, and the absence of smoke generation are critical. AC-550H is formaldehyde free and demonstrates outstanding long term stability under humid conditions and after temperature cycling. Like AC-550 foam, AC-550H foam is denser, which provides for improved thermal properties. Applications for this thermal and acoustic foam insulation include aircraft sidewalls and ECS duct systems, as well as cushioning, thermal protection and vibration damping in space applications. SOLIMIDE® AC-550H foam can be converted into numerous shapes and sizes, and is compatible with many different facings, coatings and adhesives to meet end-use requirements.

Specifications / Certificates

  • • Airbus AIMS 04-14-006
  • • Embraer MEP-17-010
  • • Hughes HMS 17-1186
  • • Lockheed Martin (formerly General Dynamics) 5-06147
  • • Sikorsky SS9232
  • • ASTM C 1482

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Density  lb/ft3(kg/m3) 0.50 (8.0)  ASTM D3574 Test A,
IOS 845
FAA Radiant Panel
FAR 25.856(a)
Smoke Developed Index
Flaming & Non-flaming Modes
  <5 ASTM E662
Max Continuous Use Temperature °F(°C) 400 (200)  
Thermal Conductivity at
0.30 (0.043) ASTM C518
Offgassing/Outgassing TMI % <1.0 ASTM E595
Offgassing/Outgassing CVCM % <0.1 ASTM E595


  • -  Specialty defense applications such as land defense tanks
  • -  Missiles
  • -  Torpedoes