Product Description

SOLIMIDE® AC-530 polyimide foam is used in aircraft, aerospace and industrial markets as a lightweight, non-wicking, thermal and acoustic foam insulation material where fire resistance, non-toxic properties, and the absence of smoke generation are critical. It is formaldehyde free and demonstrates outstanding long term stability under humid conditions and after temperature cycling. SOLIMIDE® AC-530 insulation is used in a variety of applications, including aircraft fuselage, under floor, ECS ducts and equipment, as well as expansion and contraction joints in cryogenic environments. AC-530 acoustic and thermal foam insulation can be converted into numerous shapes and sizes, and is compatible with many different facings, coatings and adhesives to meet end user requirements.

Specifications / Certificates

  • • Boeing BMS 8-300
  • • Airbus AIMS 04-14-004
  • • ASTM C 1482
  • • Boeing (Douglas) DMS 2330
  • • KBR TS (Pipe Supports, Components and Fabricated Assemblies)
  • • SOLIMIDE® Foams may meet additional specifications that are not listed here. Please contact us to determine if it meets your specifications or other requirements.

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Density Ib/ft³ (kg/m³) 0.34 (5.4) ASTM D3574 Test A,ISO 845
FAA Radiant Panel
FAR 25.856 (a)
Smoke Developed Index
Flaming & Non-flaming Modes
  <5 ASTM E662
Noise Reduction Coefficient
(NRC),1 in (25mm)
  0.7 ASTM C423 and E795,Mounting A
Max Continuous Use
*F(°C) 400 (200)  
Thermal Conductivity at
0.34 (0.049) ASTM C518
Offgassing/Outgassing TMI % <1.0 ASTM E595
Offgassing/Outgassing CVCM % <0.1 ASTM E595


  • -  Airships
  • -  Commercial and cargo aircraft
  • -  Regional, business and private jets
  • -  Helicopters
  • -  Unmanned aerial aircraft
  • -  Missiles
  • -  Torpedoes
  • -  Land defense
  • -  Space markets
  • -  Simulation systems
  • -  Aircraft and cargo MRO