Improve passenger comfort while reducing vehicle weight

SOLIMIDE® polyimide foam offers a lightweight, non-fibrous insulation solution for rail transportation applications. The fire and moisture resistance, as well as thermal and acoustic insulating properties make it an excellent non-toxic insulation choice for the rail industry. SOLIMIDE® foam is especially useful in areas that see humid conditions, high temperatures or where loose fibers are a concern.


SOLIMIDE® foams and lightweight insulation systems meet multiple worldwide rail specifications, often far exceeding the fire, smoke and toxicity requirements for thermal and acoustic non-toxic insulation used in today’s high speed trains, regional trains, metro systems, streetcars, airport trams and locomotives.

• U.S. FRA and FTA (Docket 90-A) Recommendations for Flammability and Smoke Emission Characteristics

• NFPA 130

• EN CEN TS 45545

• NF F16-101

• UNI CEI 11170

Typical Applications

• Sidewall and ceiling insulation

• Heating, air-conditioning and ventilation systems

• Driver cabs

• Packing / seals around doors and windows

• Mechanical areas


  • SOLIMIDE® TA-301