Electronics and Instrumentation

Durable and efficient solutions for high tech manufacturers

In many electronics and instrumentation applications, off-gassing is a major concern. Manufacturers need a durable thermal / acoustic electronic insulation that performs at high temperatures; they also need to ensure that their sensitive equipment will not be damaged by an insulation that emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs). SOLIMIDE® Foams perform efficiently at temperatures up to 300°C (575 F) with virtually no off gassing.


Heated transfer lines

A test equipment manufacturer needed a non-fibrous insulation material that performed well under fluctuating temperature conditions, exhibited low off-gassing, and yet was thin enough to fit their tight space constraints. SOLIMIDE® densified HT foam proved itself under high temperature conditions and was able to satisfy space requirements while providing the necessary thermal electronic insulation. The customer continues to use SOLIMIDE® foam as its thermal insulation for enclosures and as pipe insulation for transfer lines.

Utility laptop

A field laptop display monitor had image distortion at low operating temperatures during military test runs. This distortion resulted from temperature fluctuations between components. The manufacturer of these rugged, wireless computers needed a material with a low thermal conductivity value to insulate within the monitor’s tight space constraints. SOLIMIDE® densified HT foam solved the laptop’s functional problem by providing sufficient thermal resistance at the allowed thickness.

Oven test units

An electronics and measurement instrument manufacturer sought an insulation material that would not release volatiles, which could compromise test unit measurements. Because SOLIMIDE® HT-340 foam provides low off-gassing, thermal stability, and vibration durability, it was selected as the oven/enclosure thermal insulation and as a vibration isolator inside these test units.


  • SOLIMIDE® HT-340

  • Densified SOLIMIDE®