Improved product performance with reduced assembly cost

Appliance design teams use SOLIMIDE® polyimide foams as appliance insulation to improve product performance and reduce assembly costs. The wide temperature range (–196°C to 300°C / –321°F to 575°F), easy installation, and in-use durability increases productivity. Since polyimide foam is non-fibrous, there are no health or safety concerns with respirable fibers.


Residential Heater
A European manufacturer needed a production-friendly high heath insulation inside the walls of a residential heating appliance that regulates temperature according to the time of day. SOLIMIDE® foam met the manufacturer’s need for an appliance insulation material that was easier to handle and install, but still capable of managing a continuous use temperature of 300°C (575 °F) . Since SOLIMIDE® foam does not settle inside the unit, the home heater operates optimally, with an even temperature distribution and a safer exterior surface temperature.

Medical/Hospital Heating Appliances
A manufacturer sought a high heat insulation material to replace ceramic fibers used in heating appliances that warm hospital linens, diapers, etc. for neo-natal care facilities. Since SOLIMIDE® HT-340 foam is non-fibrous, the manufacturer was able to eliminate the need for personal protective equipment (PPE), such as respirators and gloves, during the production process. This not only improved the production process and employee morale, it also lowered the total installed cost of the thermal insulation system.


  • SOLIMIDE® AC-550

  • SOLIMIDE® AC-530