About Us

SOLIMIDE® was developed with U.S. government agency, NASA, for the Apollo spacecraft program. The material has continued to innovate since its origins - most recently launching a new version, Densified SOLIMIDE® foam.

The SOLIMIDE® Foams division of Boyd Corporation offers a family of high performance polyimide foams, open-cell in structure, with lightweight, thermal and acoustic properties. The product line, used in aircraft, spacecraft, railcars, marine vessels and other applications, offers seven variations to accommodate different temperature and environment needs.
In addition to fire resistance, exceeding FAR 25.856 specifications, and lightweight qualities, the insulating foam is non-toxic, heat and pressure formable, flexible and stable even at cryogenic temperatures, emits very little smoke when exposed to flame, has low off-gassing with no formaldehyde, outstanding thermal and acoustic qualities, hydrolytic stability, and does not support microbial growth.